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This clever service helps you find, book and pay for a personal trainer in your local area, all through its nifty website. Looking for help with very specific goals? No problem! The search process allows you to pick a PT based on all sorts of criteria – from weight loss to muscle gain – so, whether you're climbing Everest, running a marathon or simply wanting to lose a few pounds, PTFindr can help you find a local personal trainer to get you across that finish line.

You're not bound into any particular trainer or programme and can pick and chose when you want your sessions – you could try a different trainer every week if you really wanted. Plus booking and paying through the website means you don't have to negotiate rates or exchange cash with your personal trainer, so you and your trainer can get to work as soon as you step in the gym.

You can also narrow your search by budget and availability to ensure you get a workout champ who's convenient and within your price range.

But the best bit about PTFindr has to be the personal trainer preview films. The profile videos give you a chance to get an idea of what your personal trainer is really like before you commit to a session, so you can be sure you've got the right person for the job.

Definitely a go-to website if you're running low on motivation or want to shake up your routine with a new (professional) training partner.

Visit (opens in new tab) to find a local personal trainer near you.

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