The Zenta Wrist Tracker Says Relax

Wrist Tracker
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You may already have a fitness tracker that you wear on your wrist – almost everybody does nowadays. Knowing your step count and how many calories you’ve burned is great and all, but what if you want to go a bit deeper? The Zenta tracks the usual data, but also offers a lot more, and zooms in on stress levels, to focus on your mind as well as your body.

To do this, it measures your heart rate, perspiration, respiration, temperature, sleep, blood oxygen levels and even galvanic skin response (which is essentially changes in the electrical resistance of your skin, caused by emotional stress – a bit like a lie detector). It uses this data to collect an overall picture of your well-being, then correlates this against your calendar and daily activity, to offer suggestions on how to calm the hell down, you headless fowl. It improves over time, too, as it gathers a portrait of all the triggers in your life. Oh, and they do a fancy schmancy Swarovski version with pretty crystals in it, so it looks better than all the other trackers out there.

Wrist Tracker

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How It Works

  • The Zenta analyses your data using a multitude of sensors.
  • It syncs with your phone to create links between stress and lifestyle.
  • It offers vibration alerts and can prompt breathing exercises.

From £113 (early bird price), support on Indiegogo

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