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Everyone’s health goals, motivations and schedules are as unique as a fingerprint. Then there are those important desires that all men have in common, namely to wake up feeling good and to enjoy a long and healthy life (without getting too out of breath climbing the stairs).

Coach is here to help: weekly with our free magazine, daily on our website or up-to-the-millisecond on our social channels – with all the inspirational and motivational tips, stories and advice to help you achieve these all-important goals. And hopefully enjoy the journey too.

The Coach mantra is “Do something”. This isn’t a demand – more a representation of what’s going on in our heads (and, we’re pretty certain, yours too). It’s that itch to ensure you make the most of your time on Earth: whether that’s finally doing a marathon or simply getting your blood pumping with an inspiring documentary on Netflix.

Whatever your goals, whatever you want to “do”, we hope you find ‘something’ to read, like and share on Coach.

Coach is the new home of MensFitness.co.uk


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Men’s Fitness is the leading health and fitness magazine brand for men who aspire to improve their lives through training, diet and adventure.

We are proud to announce that the Coach website coachmag.co.uk is the new online home for Men’s Fitness content.

The experts at Men’s Fitness will continue to provide advice, tips, and workouts on Coach’s channels. If you’ve got a question, you can submit it to the team using #AskMF.

Where to get Coach magazine

Coach is a free weekly magazine with a distribution of 300,000 copies, of which 200,000 are distributed by hand within London, in major UK cities and at prime commuter locations.

A further 100,000 are available nationally at carefully selected sports and leisure clubs, gyms, hotels and businesses.

Ed Needham
Former editor-in-chief

Ed Needham was the founder and editor-in-chief of Coach magazine, a free health and fitness magazine published between 2015 and 2016. He now edits the magazine Strong Words.