I Tried These Three Exercises To Reduce Backache And Offset The Damage Of My Desk Job

Woman performs thoracic rotation
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I spend most of my working day in front of a computer screen and all that sitting puts unnecessary pressure on my back muscles, to the point where I’ve come to accept backache as a part of life. Lately, it’s started to affect my life more than I’d like. At times, I can’t get completely comfortable when sitting down. At other times I struggle to sleep due to a dull ache.

To try and ease my backache, I’m incorporating mobility exercises into my routine and discovered this session from Gabriele Saturno, a calisthenics coach and yoga teacher.

It involves three stretches that don’t require any equipment and Saturno suggests spending between 30 to 60 seconds on each exercise, so it only takes a few minutes. 

Watch Saturno’s Instagram reel below where he demonstrates each of the mobility exercises.

These movements will also boost mobility in your thoracic spine (in your upper back) and hips too, both of which support the lower back.

I had been sitting at my kitchen table for most of the day the first time I tried the routine and felt the muscles in my back relax as I worked through the movements. Because they’re so easy and straightforward, I think they’re a great option before you start work or to loosen up over a lunch break. They could also be performed before a workout.

Of course, while doing these exercises provided some immediate relief, I plan to do these back stretches, and others, on a regular basis and take action to improve my desk posture.

If this routine hits the spot, keep your back in good condition with more movement. These 10 exercises to relieve back pain are safe, simple and office-appropriate. We also have five mobility exercises for your hips to try.

Alice Porter

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