Booking Opens For Peloton Studios London And New York

Peloton Studio London lobby
(Image credit: Peloton)

As we reported in June, the new Peloton Studios in London and New York are a way to work out with your favourite Peloton instructor in person

Peloton has announced that bookings for the London location in Covent Garden are open on You don’t have to be a Peloton member to reserve a space and places for opening weekend on 19th August are, according to a message seen on the website yesterday, complimentary.

We are unable to confirm that, however, because the booking system has been struggling due to high demand. As of the morning of Tuesday 19th July, places still appear to be available, but we got stuck trying to buy class credits.

The website for Peloton Studios New York,, is experiencing similar problems.

A release from Peloton says a Bike or Tread class costs £25, well within the range of London boutique classes, although we had suspected it would be more affordable, as it’s as much a brand experience as a fitness class.

The spaces are spacious, with just 24 bikes in the Cycle studio and 14 treadmills the Tread studio. In part, that’s to give each participant a front row seat (or belt, as the case may be), but also because it’s a working production studio, filming all new workouts with UK and German instructors.

In between reloading the booking page, find out what’s in store with our experience of Peloton Studios London.  

Jonathan Shannon
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