Build Full-Body Strength And Burn Fat With Just Four Moves and One Kettlebell

Man works out with kettlebell at home
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When you’re short on time but still want to squeeze in an effective sweat, turn to circuit training. The minimal rest periods mean you’re not counting down the seconds to your next set, and you’ll raise your heart rate and keep it high to improve your cardio fitness.

To work on your strength as well, keep this kettlebell circuit to hand. It’s from personal trainer Matt Tralli, who’s trained celebrities such as Tom Holland, Jacob Elordi and Dua Lipa.

The circuit is made up of just four kettlebell exercises, but you’ll challenge muscles all over with full-body exercises such as the thruster. Take a look at Tralli’s Instagram Reel where he demonstrates each of the moves.

You’re working hard from the off, so if you’re using the circuit as a standalone session (rather than a finisher after a strength session), make sure to warm up first—this warm-up routine will do the trick. 

Both the lateral lunge clean and deadlift to sprawl require excellent core strength and stability to perform correctly. The kettlebell clean alone is a technical move that’s easy to get wrong, leaving you with bruises on the back of your wrist if you’re not careful.

If you haven’t mastered it yet, start with this kettlebell workout for beginners. It’s also formatted as a circuit but steers clear of cleans and snatches. This kettlebell HIIT workout is another great option that represents a step up in difficulty with a larger selection of exercises.

If you need help deciding on the right weight for you, read our guide to the best kettlebells.

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