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So, in what I can only describe as a moment of insanity, I signed up for Tough Mudder. 12 miles of… well, mud. Obstacles, hills, and cold water… yes, the full package! I am clearly mad. Having completed it once before, I know exactly what I am getting myself in to and it isn’t a walk in the park – not in the least. 

To start with, I needed to enlist the help of some professionals to whip me into shape and help work on my strength and stamina. Last time I managed to complete the course in just over three hours, but I am desperate to beat that this time.

Transition Zone has been great for its training advice. We sat down together and worked out a two-month plan that would focus, not just on my strength and stamina, but also my agility and endurance, ensuring I’m in the best possible shape both physically and mentally.


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A five-day-a-week plan was devised also, and this is made up of both one-to-one sessions and a couple of small group sessions [see below]. These small sessions (of which my current favourite is a 30-minute TRX full-body blast) are great in helping me keep disciplined. I am quite competitive, I never want to look bad in front of others. So, while the one-to-ones are great for focusing on individual areas, and for preparing me for some of the scarier obstacles. Currently, my trainer Lee has me doing Performace Zone Squat Rack, plus kettlebells and Muay Thai boxing. Intense stuff!

Great nutrition is also important for Tough Mudder and the on-site nutritionists at Transition Zone are really good with me. We sit down and plan pre- and post-workout snacks and meals, and I have been eating a lot of salad boxes and protein pots from Pollen + Grace.


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What I look forward to the most, though, is my weekly massage with Catherine: she deals with any muscle aches I have from the week’s workouts, and I couldn’t do it without her! So, with just over a month to go I am feeling positive, but I know that I still have a long way to go before I reach my peak physical fitness

Sophie’s Workouts

1.    High-intensity – 25 minutes
PowerPplate sessions that combine weights, HIIT drills, and lots of lower-body work.

2.    TRX – 30 minutes
Full-body blast (often tagged on after a 25min PowerPlate session).

3.    Boxing Circuit - 1 hou
Combines PowerPlate, TRX, pad and bag work as well as skipping (2min rounds with 30sec rest).