Put Your Core Strength To The Test With This Weighted Abs Circuit

Woman performs core exercise in gym holding a small weight plate
(Image credit: Drazen Zigic / iStock / Getty Images Plus)

Your core plays a pivotal role in nearly every weightlifting movement, from squats and deadlifts to the bench press and even biceps curls. So we think it’s time you paid it a bit more attention.

This workout from WeGlow fitness app founder Stef Williams adds resistance to a series of movements to challenge your core muscles, making it a great fit for anyone who has stopped feeling the effects of bodyweight core exercises such as the plank and leg raise. All you’ll need to try it is a small weight plate.

Watch Williams demonstrate each of the moves in the video below. Perform each movement for 30-40 seconds, resting as little as possible between movements. Complete two rounds in total.

Williams advises that you keep your movements controlled throughout, rather than rushing through the reps. Just check out how long Williams takes to lower to the floor in the weighted crunch reach. This increases your muscles’ time under tension, making your core work harder. 

If you don’t have a weight plate to hand, or you find you can’t maintain good form with the addition of weight, the routine also works well as a bodyweight routine. To make it a little easier still, keep your feet on the floor during the first few seated movements and do the plank saw on your knees.

Looking for more bodyweight core workouts? This five-move home abs workout will improve your endurance, as well as your abs. You could also try a standing abs routine to switch things up.

Alice Porter

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