Are fitness DVDs for men actually any good?

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Infomercials for American home workout DVDs are some of our favourite adverts. Whether they’re terrifying, bizarre or genuinely motivational, they’re always entertaining. But are the products they promote actually any good for improving your fitness? We’re going to find out by getting our new feature writer Richard Jordan to test a load of them, starting with…

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Hip-hop Abs

A dance-based programme that promises to help you build a six-pack without a single crunch. However, you will do lots of running man-style moves so you’ll probably want to wait until everyone in your house is out and pull the curtains before you start.

The Insanity Workout

A tub-thumping 60-day video workout programme created by personal trainer Shaun T that relies on high-intensity interval training to get you lean and help you pack on muscle. Everyone in the advert looks like they’re on speed, but that could just be because of the masses of endorphins the workout pumps around your system. Find out more with our Insanity workout review.

Georges St-Pierre’s RUSHFIT

UFC middleweight champion Georges St-Pierre takes you through a series of intense total-body workouts that incorporate freeweights and lots of MMA-style moves with the aim of giving you a fighter’s physique. Since there’s no sparring you won’t end up with the broken-nosed look – just Octagon-worthy abs, it claims.

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