3 Features We Love On The New GoPro Fusion

Click and drag, or swipe, the 360° video to look around

Every one of your outdoor escapades unfolds in vivid high-definition 3D action, but reliving your high-adrenaline adventures can feel flat. Now you can relive – and share – every second you spent conquering nature in both 360° videos and photos with the new GoPro Fusion. Its spherical camera captures footage in 5.2K clarity and has built-in image stabilisation to keep your footage sleek and smooth, however rough the conditions. It also has spatial audio capture, and can be used underwater to a depth of 5m. £649.99, gopro.com/fusion

gopro fusion

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1. Smooth shots

The Fusion includes GPS for accurate location, and uses the three-pronged tech of compass, accelerometer and gyroscope to keep the camera perfectly positioned and aware of its own movements for authentically smooth shots.

2. Control

For hands-free content capture, use the voice control function to take a shot or start and stop filming. There’s time-lapse video and photo functionality, with night lapse and burst modes to add more drama to your daredevil activities.

3. View and share

Use the GoPro App on your smartphone to replay and share your footage online as VR content, or use the desktop OverCapture service (this will feature in-app soon) to view and share your spherical shot as a traditional fixed-perspective video.

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