Check Out The T3 Awards For Fitness Gear Recommendations From Fellow Experts

T3 Award 2022
(Image credit: Future)

While we’re big-headed (someone ask us about our PBs – please), we’re not so big-headed as to think you should only take our opinion into account when considering a purchase. Another excellent place to get buying advice is Coach’s stablemate T3, which is also owned by Future plc.

T3 unveiled its 16th annual awards this week, with honours given in 110 categories – divided into 12 broad areas. Along with gaming, television and home living, there’s outdoor and fitness categories that will be of interest to the ever-discerning Coach reader.

“The T3 Awards are all about helping people discover the things that make a real difference to their lives, products they’ll treasure,” said Paul Douglas, content director of T3. “There are more than 100 T3 Awards categories this year, reflecting the breadth of our product coverage. T3 strives to bring you the best of everything and ensure that you buy only the best.”

We were delighted to see we were in agreement with T3 on its recognition of the Garmin Fenix 7 (best multisport watch), Coros Pace 2 (best running watch) and Beats Powerbeats Pro (best fitness headphones).

Dive into the T3 Awards 2022 and see what else was rated. 

Jonathan Shannon
Former editor

Jonathan Shannon was the editor of the Coach website from 2016 to 2024, developing a wide-ranging experience of health and fitness. Jonathan took up running while editing Coach and used the training plans on the site to run a sub-40min 10K, 1hr 28min half marathon and 3hr 6min marathon. He’s an advocate of cycling to work and is Coach’s e-bike reviewer, and not just because he lives up a bit of a hill. He also reviews fitness trackers and other workout gear.