I’ve Tested Plenty Of Massage Guns And This Is The Model I Recommend Buying In The Prime Day Sale

Theragun Pro vs Hypervolt 2 Pro
I'd pick up the Theragun Pro over the Hypervolt 2 Pro this Prime Day (Image credit: Sam Rider / Future)

Massage guns are high-powered pummeling devices designed to activate muscles pre-exercise and fasttrack recovery post-workout. The very best massage guns command a steep fee, and with the jury still out on their scientifically-proven benefit, I’m somewhat skeptical of their merits. 

That said, they are certainly fun to use and you didn’t hear me complaining when I became the go-to massage gun reviewer for Coach. Massage guns are also a category you can expect to be discounted and Amazon Prime Day is no exception. 

There are four deals worth considering in 2023’s Prime Day, and while I’d usually recommend the more affordable Theragun Mini, the 42% discount on the top-of-the-range Theragun is too good to resist. 

Theragun PRO:$599

Theragun PRO: was $599 now $349 on Amazon

Save $250 The Theragun Pro is hands down the best massage gun around, thanks to its interchangeable batteries, versatile multi-grip handle and intuitive app guidance. I usually balk at its hefty price tag, but $250 is a sizable saving. 

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Theragun Mini:$199

Theragun Mini: was $199 now $169 on Amazon

Save $30 This compact, travel-friendly option which punches well above its weight is usually my pick of Therabody’s range, given its superior attachments and comparable power. But at only 15% off it takes second place in the Prime Day sale.

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Hyperice Hypervolt 2 Pro:$399

Hyperice Hypervolt 2 Pro: was $399 now $259 on Amazon

Save $140 At the top end of the massage gun market, the Hypervolt 2 Pro is second only to the Theragun PRO—and arguably more fairly priced too. At 35% off this year, it’s another solid option for serious athletes searching for marginal gains.

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Renpho R3 Mini Massage Gun: $89.99

Renpho R3 Mini Massage Gun: was $89.99 now $59.98 on Amazon

Save $30.01 At the other end of the price spectrum, Renpho has slashed 33% off for more tidy savings. In my experience, the R3 will help alleviate daily aches and pains, but it lacks the oomph needed for more strenuous sports. 

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Sam Rider

Sam Rider is an experienced freelance journalist, specialising in health, fitness and wellness. For over a decade he's reported on Olympic Games, CrossFit Games and World Cups, and quizzed luminaries of elite sport, nutrition and strength and conditioning. Sam is also a REPS level 3 qualified personal trainer, online coach and founder of Your Daily Fix. Sam is also Coach’s designated reviewer of massage guns and fitness mirrors.