Quick Tips To Sharpen Up Facial Hair – Whatever Your Style

Beard styles
(Image credit: Unknown)

Clean Shaven

Styling tip: “One mistake guys make is to just slap the cream or gel on their face rather than really working it in to soften the hair.”

Key product: “Use a good shaving oil and a shaving brush. Most guys don’t use them but they always do in barber shops because they’re effective – they lift and soften the hair, and the brush reaches where the skin touches the hair and helps give you a closer shave.”

Designer Stubble

Styling tip: “Always shave your cheeks, without going too low, and also the lower neck. It makes it look like you look after yourself without trying too hard. I’m not a fan of the hard line on the jaw because it looks too manicured.”

Key product: “You still need a moisturiser. If you don’t use one then your skin will get dry, dehydrated and sensitive. A regular moisturiser will do the job.”

Full Beard

Styling tip: “A lot of guys assume they know how to look after their beards but that’s the same as thinking you can cut your own hair. If you decide to grow a beard make sure you get advice from a barber on how to look after it because every face shape is different.”

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Key product: “Beard oil won’t work miracles because the hair is thick and dense, unlike the hair on your head. Use a conditioner to soften the hair.”

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