How to Make the Ultimate Old Fashioned

Follow these four easy steps to enjoy the prestige that comes with banging out a pro-level cocktail: 

What you need 

Large shaker


Clear ice

Sugar syrup

Angosturo bitters

How to make

Step 1: Unsparingly pour 2 ounces of your favourite bourbon into your shaker.

Step 2: Tip in 2 teaspoons of sugar syrup into the shaker. (Make your own sugar syrup by adding one part caster sugar to one part water and stir it until it fully dissolves.)

Step 3: Add 3 dashes of Angosturo bitters.

Step 4: Add the ice into the shaker and stir it (pay attention to video for details).

You are now ready to serve the cold old fashioned over ice. Smirking and casually saying "What? Can't you do that?" to your friends who just got blown away by your new bartending skills is optional.

Sam Razvi wrote for Men’s Fitness UK (which predated and then shared a website with Coach) between 2011 and 2016.