How to Make a Dark ’N’ Stormy in 45 Seconds

The recipe for this has been patented by the family who created it in Bermuda – that’s how spot-on they got it. It requires just four common ingredients, but it’s easy to mess up even the simplest cocktails unless you know what you’re doing. So let Rich Woods, our resident cocktail maestro, guide you through the process. Just follow his directions and you'll be sipping on that Caribbean goodness in no time – well, 45 seconds:

What you need

50ml dark rum

Ginger beer

Hard ice

A lime

How to make

Step 1: Pour the rum into a glass, preferably a highball glass.

Step 2: Firmly roll a lime around on the kitchen top to release the juices, then cut it in two. Squeeze one half into the rum and halve the other piece again to use as wedges later.

Step 3: Tip in as much ice as possible. The colder the ice, the better.

Step 4: Pour in ginger beer until your glass is full.

Step 5: Give it a stir and place in your lime wedges.

Sam Razvi wrote for Men’s Fitness UK (which predated and then shared a website with Coach) between 2011 and 2016.