Advertising Week Europe Special: How to Confront the Perils of Pressure

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Welcome to this special edition of Coach, which looks at stress – the inevitable consequence of working in an industry that considers bouts of intense pressure the norm, regular meal times a luxury and energetic socialising an art form. 

While the world waits for the miracle app, yoga position or management technique that sends stress the way of the typewriter, it is incumbent on all sufferers to strive to identify the source, seek a solution and not pass it along the chain of command.

Here you’ll find the sage words of industry superstars on ways to confront it, and advice from Coach as to how to find what works for you. Enjoy the issue – and the conference. – Ed Needham, Editor

Ed Needham
Former editor-in-chief

Ed Needham was the founder and editor-in-chief of Coach magazine, a free health and fitness magazine published between 2015 and 2016. He now edits the magazine Strong Words.