The Healthy Choice At Prezzo

Choice At Prezzo
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On a health kick and keeping an eye on the number of calories you’re consuming? It doesn't need to be boring. Thanks to Italian restaurant Prezzo's  light menu, you can enjoy a nice meal out with friends and family while still watching your waistline.

Regular visitors of Prezzo will already know that the restaurant offers a light option of your favourite pizza and pasta dishes. These are simply smaller versions of the regular dishes, served with a salad on the side. All the indulgence of a hearty Italian meal with less of the calories - bliss!

We know what you're thinking – will the meals be enough to satisfy your hungry belly? Well, the team at Women’s Fitness headed over to one of the London restaurants to scope out the new menu and we certainly left with smiles, and full – but not stuffed – tummies. It's the perfect choice for those who'd like to remain sociable this new year without breaking any healthy eating resolutions.

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