Six Home Workouts To Build A Bigger And Leaner Body

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Build Your Chest

How to do it Start in a press-up position, then straighten your right arm out to the side. Bend your left arm to lower your chest, then press back up using your right arm for support. At the top, switch arms and repeat.

The workout Do archer press-ups for 30sec then go straight into 30sec of regular press-ups. Rest for 60sec then repeat for a total of five rounds.

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Broaden Your Back

Hit your backbiceps and forearms to help build a V-shaped torso.

How to do it Hang from a bar with an underhand grip. Keep your core tight and pull yourself up until your chin clears the bar.

The workout Do as many chin-ups as you can until your form fails. Put your feet on the ground, then jump back to the top. Hold for a second, then lower. Repeat until you can’t do another rep, then hang from the bar until your grip goes. Rest for 90sec. Do four rounds.

Get Big Shoulders

This routine works your delts, chest and triceps.

How to do it Place your hands shoulder-width apart on the floor 15-30cm from a wall. Kick up into a handstand with your heels on the wall and keep your body tight. Engage your shoulders by trying to push the floor away and hold the position.

The workout Start a timer and get in position. After 30sec drop down and do 30sec of press-ups, then 30sec of incline press-ups. Rest for 90sec. Repeat for five rounds.

Strip Away Belly Fat

Hit your quads, hamstrings and glutes with this fat-torching combo.

How to do it Start with reverse lunges. Take a large step back with one foot and lower until both thighs are parallel to the floor. Return to the start and swap legs. Then for jump squats, lower and push off the ground explosively.

The workout Do ten reverse lunges per leg, then ten jump squats, then 20 bodyweight squats (squat deep but don’t lock out your knees at the top). Rest for 2min. Do five rounds.

Sculpt A Six-Pack

Target your abs, obliques, delts and chest to transform your torso.

How to do it Start in a press-up position then lower yourself onto your forearms so you’re in a plank, one arm at a time. Then reverse the movement. That’s one rep.

The workout Set a timer and do press-up-to-plank reps for 30sec, then hold the press-up position for 30sec (or you could even do press-ups for that time if you’re feeling strong). Rest for 30sec then repeat. Do six rounds in total.

Up Your Heart Rate

Here you’ll tax your upper-body muscles, heart and lungs.

How to do it Start in a press-up position. Lower your chest and bring your right knee in to your right elbow. Press up and repeat with your left knee. Then bring both knees to your chest and do a tuck jump. That’s one rep.

The workout Start the clock. Do a rep, then hold the press-up position until the timer hits 1min. Then do two reps and rest until it hits 2min, and so on. Stop when you can’t do the target reps within the minute.

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