How To Nail The Landmine Squat

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Squatting: there’s no way around it. Whether you’re new to the gym or a veteran of the rack, it’s your one-stop shop for bigger legs, a faster 5K and – because of the muscle groups involved – turbo-charged fat loss. Of course, where you hold the bar counts for a lot: on your back is traditional, in front of you is gaining in popularity and overhead is mainly for show-offs – but there’s a fourth option you should consider.

“The landmine squat teaches you good squat mechanics because the bar moves in a slight arc,” says strength coach Ben Bruno, who uses the move with the MMA fighters he trains. “It’s also a good way to move a lot of weight with good form, but it’s also easy on your joints.” And you can leave the rack to the guys doing curls. Here’s how to do it.

How To Landmine Squat

Prop a barbell into a weight plate, corner or "landmine” – the hinged device you’ll often see on the floor of your gym. Hold the loaded end in both hands and squat down with it in front of your chest, keeping your weight on your heels. Keep your chest up as you stand up. Aim for two sets of ten reps. For best results, mix it in with regular squats to improve your form and inflate your thighs.

Joel Snape

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