Nike+ FuelBand: what is it?

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Nike+ FuelBand £129

It’s natural to record what you do during a training session, but what if you could track every physical activity you undertake? The Nike+ FuelBand uses a built-in accelerometer to do just that, covering dozens of everyday actions from running for the bus to working out in the gym to dancing. It then translates your moves into NikeFuel points that you can use to set yourself daily goals that help keep you motivated.

It’s stylish enough to wear anywhere and extremely simple to use. With a press of the button you can cycle through your earned NikeFuel points, steps taken and calories burned. Check your scores throughout the day so you know you’re hitting your desired activity levels.

It’s USB-rechargeable and the batteries last four days, minimising any risk of it running out on you mid-session. It also syncs with a PC or phone via Bluetooth, allowing you to analyse your results after training.

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