Sam Sunderland interview: Wings for Life World Run

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It’s always a good idea to keep your base level fitness as high as you possibly can, so cardio training is an important part of what I do. And I’m sure training for Wings For Life will only help me when I am on two wheels. It wouldn’t surprise me at all if find that my body deals with a three-hour motocross race a lot better after this. 

Will it be tough for you competing on foot rather than on your bike? 

[Laughs] I wouldn’t mind being on my bike, though I’m not sure if the course is long enough. Plus I might be tempted to take an off-road route and I don’t think that the catcher car would be able to follow! It might actually be a bit easier than what I’m used to because I won’t have to haul my bike up any of the steep hills.

Have you had to change your diet much to train for the event?

Not really. Diet is a key part of my regular training so I’m pretty much there when it comes to preparing for the race.

What made you decide to take the Wings For Life World Run Challenge?

I love different challenges so I was immediately interested. But I’m also a supporter of Wings For Life, which funds research into spinal cord injury. Every single penny of my entry fee goes to them so I was keen to take part.

Sam Sunderland will take part in the Wings for Life World Run (opens in new tab) on 4th May 2014. (opens in new tab)

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