Gym Of The Week: W10 Performance

W10 Gym
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Gym name: W10 Performance

Type of facility: Personal Training Gym

Membership costs: £79 - £1499

Opening hours: Monday - Friday 6am - 9pm, Sat 7am - 3pm

Address: W10 Performance, 202-208 Kensal Road, London, W10 5BN

Tel: 02034895428


Twitter: @w10performance

We spoke with memership services manager and coach, Adam Jones, about the gym's ethos, training environment, and the importance of having standards.'

How did W10 start?

W10 started in 2009, there were PT studios and gyms and we thought there was a gap to bridge the two. We thought we could do Personal Training better, and make it more professional.

What's the ethos of the gym?

Our strapline is ‘Results Based Fitness’; our purpose is to make sure that people get what they came for through progressive programming and a strong gym culture/community.

What's your position there?

Head Trainer who is responsible for the everyday running of the gym.

Who came up with your standards?

JC came up with the concept, the idea being to provide people with non-specific training goals something they can work toward.

What was the rationale behind the selection of exercises?

Most of our clients come to us with general fitness goals and they want a balance of strength and fitness. We chose all the traditional strength exercises and movements, and paired these with our cardio standards. The weights and times weren’t designed for elite athletes they were designed to be achievable by the general population.

How many people who train at W10 have achieved them?

Broadly 75% of members can do 4-5 of them and 25% can do them all.

How are they beneficial to members?

It gives them a purpose and training focus, and it gives us a basis on which we can program for.


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Do you think everyone should work to a set of standards?

People should have focus. They don’t necessarily need to be W10 standards as they might not be right for everyone, but it is useful for people to have something to work toward.

How regularly should they update their standards?

We review every 6 months to make sure they move inline with the improvements our members make.

What does achieving the standards say about you?

The people who can hit our standards are the strongest, fittest and the least likely to get injured in our gym. We believe that being able to these standards gives you a solid base upon which people can take their training to the next level.

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