Titanic Spa review

The MF search for the UK’s best spa hotels for fitness-loving couples continues with the Titanic Spa in Huddersfield

spa review
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Set within a beautiful Grade II-listed former textile mill, the Titanic Spa – so named because the mill was built in 1911, the same year as the infamous passenger liner – is an impressive sight. Nestled in the outskirts of Huddersfield on the edge of the Pennines, this imposing, grand old building offers the perfect environment to forget about the stresses of the outside world and unwind, which is exactly what my wife and I need after our road trip up the M1 from London. 

spa review

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After checking in, the friendly reception staff lead us up to the apartment we’ll be staying in, although to be honest ‘apartment’ doesn’t really do it justice – our own flat could fit inside it at least three times. With two bedrooms and bathrooms, a spacious open-plan kitchen and lounge and floor-to-ceiling windows leading out onto quaint balconies, it’s a truly luxurious abode. Having a fully equipped kitchen is a real bonus too, allowing you to prepare your own meals to supplement the excellent food on offer at the Titanic Bistro (more on that below) which is especially useful if you’re staying for an extended period of time or following any kind of muscle-building or fat loss plan that requires attention to detail with your food intake. After picking which bedroom we’re going to use – a novel choice to make if ever there was one – we quickly unpack, get our robes and slippers on and head down to the spa.


We’re both booked in for treatments to begin our day of relaxation, and I’ve selected an Elemis Deep Tissue Massage. Recently I’ve been suffering from knee pain due to tight glutes, hamstrings and calves – an unfortunate byproduct of completing my first duathlon a couple of months ago – so I ask the masseuse to focus on loosening everything up around my kneecap. She does a brilliant – if painful – job, attacking the knots in my legs with vigour before eventually switching to more relaxing deep tissue work on my shoulders and back. My wife meanwhile enjoys a slightly more sedate Elemis SOS Purifying Facial, designed to help regulate and balance the function of her skin, after which she delightedly declares her face ‘looks and feels fantastic’.

Gym facilities

Feeling fresh and revitalised, we decide to hit the gym for a quick workout. While the Titanic’s gym doesn’t have a squat rack or any barbells or plates, there’s plenty of alternative kit options for crafting a killer session, including a set of dumbbells, a bench and kettlebells, as well as the obligatory cardio machines of various shapes and sizes, the best of which is definitely a Concept2 rowing machine. After a brutal few rounds of full-body dumbbell complexes and ten minutes of 250m rowing intervals, we head back to the spa for a cooling dip in the 15m salt regulated swimming pool.

spa review

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A trip to Titanic wouldn’t be complete without a visit to its Heat and Ice experience – an assortment of eight different rooms of varying temperatures and humidity levels, ranging from the sweltering Herbal Infusion steam bath to the suitably frosty Ice Room. After running the gamut from hot to cold and back again – including a dip in the shiver-inducing plunge pool – we finish our pampering session with a quick go on the foot baths, which provide a reflexology massage by shooting tiny jets of water at your feet.


By this point we’ve both worked up a sizeable appetite, so we decide to get ready for dinner and head down to the Bistro. The quality of the food is exceptional, due in part to Titanic’s commitment to using fresh, in-season, locally sourced and wherever possible organic ingredients. With a menu offering a selection of protein-rich meat dishes – including the roast chicken breast with black garlic mash that I opt for and the roast pork belly with goat’s cheese bonbons that my wife chooses – it really is ideal for anyone who cares about quality nutrition. And the chocolate pudding isn’t half bad either.

MF verdict

Friendly, relaxed, luxurious and health-orientated, the Titanic Spa really does tick all the boxes for fitness-loving couples.

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