Fight The Flab With This HIIT Boxing Circuit

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If you want to lose your paunch, start punching. Study subjects who followed a 12-week boxing high-intensity interval training programme reduced body-fat levels by 13.2%, their waist by 5.3% and total body mass by 4.1%, according to results published in the BMC Sports Science, Medicine And Rehabilitation journal.

What’s more, the boxers significantly reduced their blood pressure, increased their VO2 max – the measure of cardio fitness – by 16%, and increased their sense of vitality by 54%. So if you’re struggling to shift your belly, don’t throw in the towel – box yourself leaner.

How to do it

Do this three-move boxing HIIT circuit to torch fat fast. Do 40 seconds of bag work, rest 20 seconds, do 40 seconds of sprawls, rest 20 seconds, then finish with 40 seconds of sit-outs. Rest for 60 seconds, then repeat the circuit three more times.


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Bag Drill

Keep it simple: throw straight punches, pivoting on your back foot when you hit with your rear hand. Aim for a mixture of power and speed, and keep your non-punching hand by your chin – it’s a good habit to get into and gives your shoulders an extra workout.

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MMA fighters use the sprawl to defend the double-leg takedown – a wrestling move similar to a rugby tackle – but its up-down nature makes it a perfect fat fighter. Drop your hips low to the floor, keeping your chest up, then pop back to your stance fast.


The sit-out is your go-to escape if an MMA opponent sprawls on you. Start face-down on all fours, then lift one hand and kick your opposite leg through, aiming for your foot to land where your hand was. Return to the start and repeat on the other side.

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