10 Ingenious NutriBullet Recipes

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Main image: Your Best Digs via Flickr (creative commons 2.0)

The NutriBullet is a device that rewards experimentation. Unfortunately for most people that means seeing if there’s any kind of food that it can’t pulse into mush within seconds (we’ll save you some time and money: there isn’t – the NutriBullet is terrifyingly effective).

Instead of doing this, or at least after you’ve tried blending every single thing in your fridge, it’s time to start using the NutriBullet in a more practical manner. Even if you use it every morning to whip up a fruit-filled breakfast smoothie, you’re only scratching the surface of what the NutriBullet is capable of. Want proof? Just take a quick glance through @thenutribullet’s photo feed on Instagram. It’s a carefully curated mix of the very best and most exciting recipes created using your favourite blade-filled kitchen gizmo.

How exciting can they possibly be? Well, pretty darn exciting, it turns out. Never underestimate what the human imagination can produce when armed with a powerful enough blender. There are soups, cakes, fritters, waffles, lollies and, of course, smoothies by the gallon. We’ve picked out ten of our absolute faves and listed them below. Get blending.

Blitz When… Looking For A Healthy Brunch

This one’s a bit of a showstopper but it’s going to take a little prep (and a Veggie Bullet). Check out the full recipe for @thedishonhealthy’s cinnamon sweet potato fritters with coconut cream.

Blitz When… Replacing A Meal

Mega-fit Aussie @jessnugent1 put a waist measurement decrease of 3cm down to including juices and soups, like this sweet potato, carrot and turmeric winner, into her daily diet. Works for us.

Blitz When… You Need A Pre-Workout Energy Boost

Sick of needing a payday loan to keep your energy ball habit at bay? This brilliant cacao and date ball recipe from @madewholeco should plug that hole in your pocket.

Blitz When… You Need A 3pm Pick-Me-Up

Granola queen @gr8nola reckons that “something magical happens when you combine lucuma and maple syrup”. We’ll be finding out what that “something” is when we need this smoothie to block out the siren song of the Hobnobs this afternoon.

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Blitz When… You’re Crying Out For A Cheat-Day Treat

You’ve got @rachaelsgoodeats to thank for these sweet beauties – they may look unhealthy, but there’s lots of nutritious goodness lurking in there. Does Argos do a waffle iron? (Oh yeah it does.)

Blitz When… You Can’t Face Another Protein Shake

That wafty pong coming from your protein shaker after seven sorry days at the bottom of your kit bag is enough to turn any strongman weak at the knees and have you searching high and low for a different PDS (protein delivery system). Now is the time for us to introduce you to @Zo_Good’s peanut butter, cacao and almond milk “nice cream” recipe.

Blitz When… Breakfast Becomes A Bore Fest

Is another bowl of porridge really a fitting way to celebrate your triumph over the working week? Pop the oats back in the cupboard and crack out the eggs, spinach and bananas for these bright, lean, green and clean pancakes courtesy of @_littlemissfoodie.

Blitz When… You Need To Cool Down After Your Cool Down

Do you feel a little giddy looking at @cupcakeree’s creation? Good news, it’s a sign that there’s still a little kid hiding deep inside you somewhere. Give it what it wants: these frosty plum, banana and chia ices.

Blitz When… You Cave In To Your Snack Cravings

Match-day nachos. Has there ever been a sweeter trio of words uttered on a lazy Saturday afternoon with the boys over and the game on your screen? There has not. Fire up NutriBullet’s slicing, spiralising cousin, the Veggie Bullet, and get intimate with @RealFoodology’s turkey and sweet potato nachos.

Blitz When… Only Dipping Will Do

If you suspect that the majority of the UK’s £60m-a-year hummus habit comes from your weekly Big Shop, then Yoga lover @LifeInLotus’s recipe for the Greek glory dip is your thing. All those chickpeas you’re cramming in, which come in with a healthy chunk of protein, are blissfully wallet-friendly.

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