8 Great Protein-Packed Breakfast Ideas From Instagram’s Finest

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Porridge is great. Eggs too. Eggs are great. And granola? That’s great. Really great. Toast? Great. But, just like the start of this paragraph, too much of a great thing can become predictable. A bit samey. A bit, dare we say, dull. Is that how you want to start your day? With plain boredom? We’re guessing no. And we’re going to do something about it.

We’ve scrolled through the Instagram feeds of our favourite fitness-loving bloggers and personalities to pull out the finest, most inventive and convention-breaking breakfast creations that also happened to be crammed with muscle-building protein. That way you not only have something dead exciting to look forward to as you haul yourself out of bed, but you’ll also fuel your sweat session, too.

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We’ve got the classics covered, from good-for-you pancakes and goodness-crammed smoothies, as well as some new and leftfield creations, like the chocolate, fig and almond butter pots that we’re going to kick this tasty list off with right now…

Eat When… You Wake Up With A Sweet Tooth

Plucked fresh from husband-and-wife foodie-feed The Whole Food Diary, these gooey chocolate, fig and almond butter pots were created as a dessert treat. But with those fat-free, fibre-rich figs filling you up for longer, and the protein-packed almond butter helping with those workout gains, we can't help but think it's a hella good breakfast option too.

Eat When... You're Running Against The Clock

All the hard work that goes into Swedish personal trainer Fitness On Toast's very Scandi-style Greek yogurt, fresh berries, rolled oats and cinnamon-glazed honey roasted pecan morning fix can be done the night before, pretty much during the ad breaks of Bake Off. Then, even during your 7.30am freak-out to find your keys and wallet and office door pass and trousers and children and sanity, you can knock this top protein source together in seconds and inhale it, instead of picking up a fatty croissant from Pret on your way in.

Eat When... You're REALLY Running Against The Clock

If even sitting down for the three minutes it takes to eat the above is impossible, this bake-once and enjoy-all-week beaut from Fit Men Cook should be your grab-and-go solution. Slice it up, bang it in the fridge, and chow down on a portion as you run for the train.

Eat When... You're Keen On Some Bigtime Brunching

There he is, old Joe Wicks The Body Coach, knocking it out of the park again with his 15-minute creations. We've picked out his spinach and courgette fritters with chorizo (100g of the stuff will give you about 25g of protein) from his mega-catalogue of breakfast, lunch and dinner winners, mainly because the spicy Spanish sausage at 10am feels so wrong yet so, SO right.

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Eat When... Your Eggs Need Pimping

Some of us, like songbirds Dean Martin and Helen O'Connell, are satisfied with boiled or fried when it comes to the humble morning egg. And that's OK! But Clean Food Dirty City's Green Shakshuka is better than OK. It's brilliant. It's a spinach and avo and chilli and egg masterpiece. All the details on how to make it are right here, and you'll really wanna make it, if only for the shakshuka-making bragging rights come the Monday morning office chatter.

Eat When... You're Hankering For Pancakes

Never not a good idea, are they? Especially when they're the super-fast and super-tasty banana pancakes of yoga practitioner extraordinaire Kim Hartwell. We suggest upping the ante with dried apricots and walnuts for some extra protein action, too.

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Eat When... You Feel Like Drinking

Couldn't have a list of big breakfast options without a killer smoothie recipe, could we? And triathlete Mike The Iron You's blueberry, avocado and spinach power smoothie had us rushing out of the fruit and veg aisle and over to our NutriBullet as soon as we caught sight of it. What a winner.

Eat When... You're A Monster

Look at it. Incredible. Outrageous. Dangerous. Absolute madness. Nice work, Ben Booker, but we might leave this one to you, pal.

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