4 reasons not to diet

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1 You’ll gain weight
The problem with quick-fix diets is that they involve drastically cutting calories and limiting foods, which isn’t sustainable over a long period of time. One US study found that 50 per cent of dieters weighed around 11lb (5kg) over their starting weight five years after their crash diet ended.

2 You’ll slow your metabolism
When you limit your food intake, your body goes into starvation mode, hanging on to every single calorie. The body then produces leptin, a hormone responsible for slowing down your metabolic rate, which makes losing fat harder in the long run.

3 You could damage your health
Repeatedly losing and gaining weight increases the risk of diabetes and heart problems, say US scientists. They claim that regular weight fluctuation lowers the levels of good cholesterol in the body and raises blood pressure.

4 You’ll lose your strength
Diets are often lacking in minerals and nutrients, especially protein. A lack of this essential fuel can lead to poor muscle function and a decrease in strength.

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Lucy Miller
Former editor

Lucy Miller is an experienced journalist who has worked across a range of health and fitness titles. She was the fitness and nutrition editor at Men’s Fitness UK, and has also been fitness editor of both Health & Fitness UK and Women’s Fitness UK. Lucy qualified as a NASM-certified personal trainer and nutritionist in 2008.