What to eat to lose weight

Nutritional therapist
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Let’s start with the five worst foods to eat in order to lose fat. These foods actively promote fat gain by either being super easy to convert to fat or by disrupting a balancing mechanism that switches the hormonal machinery over to storage mode rather than burning mode.
Excessive amounts of food with high levels of omega 6 fatty acid in them – vegetable oil, doughnuts, crisps, biscuits, cakes, pastries, nuts, seeds and their oils – promote inflammation, which can lead to fat storage and swelling of fat cells. Combine this with trans-fats- and insulin-promoting foods and you can also get a rise in the number of fat cells.

Pizzas, with their high refined-wheat content, combine the fat promoting lethal effects of a pro-inflammatory gluten grain with saturated fats. Reduce the impact by buying thin base and adding loads of extra protein and vegetable toppings.

Turn your attention now to stuff that helps you burn off fat. The first of these little gems is fish oil, which can trigger fat burning genes and shrink fat cells. Why not try some CLA? A designer fat that occurs naturally in grass-fed beef. CLA can be brought as a supplement from brands such as Kinetica or naturally increased as part of a shift to wild meats.

Green tea actually helps the body metabolise and burn fat. A nice side-effect after you consider its multiple other health-enhancing benefits, which range from anti-cancer to better clarity of thought. In addition to green tea, a good whey protein supplement can help with body composition – making more muscle and less fat when combined with resistance exercise and a healthy overall intake.

Kinetica Sports brand ambassador, Matt Lovell is a nutritional therapist with a special interest in elite sports performance. www.kineticasports.com
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