Rudimental’s DJ Locksmith: “Working out helps me stay sane”

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DJ Locksmith is known for his manic stage performances as part of drum and bass chart-toppers Rudimental. All that constant energy must keep a man fit, but is he at his ideal level of fitness?

How is your fitness on a scale of one to 10?

It’s probably a seven at the moment. I’m doing a 30-day challenge with MaxiNutrition. I’ve got my personal trainer and a boxing coach involved, and we’ll be training four to five times a week. It’s going to be really intense, but I’ve come from doing a lot of sports at a young age, so that’s kind of instilled in me.

How important is health and fitness to you?

Very important. Being in the music industry comes with a lot of baggage and a lot of stress at times. The best way to get away from that is working out – it helps me stay sane.

What do you do, fitness-wise?

I used to try to lift as heavy as I could, and I’d blow up really quickly, but I didn’t really see the core that I always wanted. So at the moment I’m doing a lot of resistance training, deadliftssquats, circuit training; things that help burn fat as well as gain muscle.

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How do you stay fit on the road?

It’s one of the biggest challenges I face. When you go to the nearest service station or the airport, it’s all about seeking out the healthiest meal you can get.

How is your fitness fingerprint unique to you and your career?

My career can be very strange, sometimes you wake up at 8am for a flight, as soon as you get there you’re doing press, then a sound check, then a live show, then sometimes you don’t even go back to your hotel because you’ve got to take another flight somewhere else. You have to factor working out into your lifestyle. You get motivation from different places – the public eye is constantly on you, so if I keep my T-shirt on during a tour, you’ll know I’ve fallen for the burger, chips and beers. When I’m feeling a bit more confident, the top will be coming off…

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