5 MMA Moves Every Man Should Master

5 MMA Moves
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Whether you’re a first-time gym-goer, an aspiring fighter looking to improve your skillset or just a regular guy keen to avoid any trouble next time things kick off outside the kebab shop, these MMA techniques have you covered.

1. Overhand Right

It might not be the most technically sound punch, but for pure power it can’t be beaten. “Take your head off the centre line by ducking it forwards and left,” says Grimshaw, who coaches MMA at Urban Kings Gym in London. “At the same time, loop your right hand over the top as if you were bowling a cricket bowl, aiming to land it on your opponent’s chin.” If you fight southpaw (with your right foot forward rather than your left), use your left hand instead.

2. Rear Naked Choke

One of MMA’s most common submission holds. “When you’re behind your opponent, put your arm around their neck, aiming to line your elbow up with their chin,” says Grimshaw. “Grip your opposite biceps with the hand of your choking arm, then drop your other hand behind their neck and apply pressure until they tap. If you’re in a real-life self-defence situation, choke them unconscious, put them in the recovery position and leave them to wake up and realise the embarrassing error of their ways.”

3. Single-Leg Takedown

A classic grappling technique designed to dump your assailant on their backside. “Pick one of their legs off the floor so all their weight is on the other one,” says Grimshaw. “Once you’ve secured the leg, drive them to the ground with your shoulder pressing down on top of their thigh.”

4. Guillotine

As the name suggests, this is another neck-based submission hold that’ll put your opponent to sleep in seconds. “It’s basically a typical schoolboy headlock, but with pressure applied on either side of the throat,” says Grimshaw.

5. Double-Leg Takedown

Like a modified rugby tackle, with the same end result as a single leg. “Change levels by stepping forward and dropping down till you can wrap both hands around your opponent’s hamstrings,” says Grimshaw. “With your head off to one side, drive to the opposite side, lifting them off their feet and planting them on their back.”

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