What Is CrossFit Open Workout 24.1 And How To Get A Good Score?

A man and woman performing a dumbbell snatch in a CrossFit box
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After weeks of guessing, we finally know what CrossFit Open workout 24.1 is. 

Dave Castro revealed the details of this basic but brutal test today during the first of three CrossFit Open 2024 announcements

Current CrossFit Games champ Jeffrey Adler, two-time podium athlete Brent Fikoswki, fifth-fittest woman on earth Alex Gazan and 2023 sixth-place finisher Alexis Raptis were the first to tackle the workout, with their efforts streamed live on the CrossFit Games website and YouTube channel

Read on to find out how to do CrossFit Open workout 24.1, and how to get a good score courtesy of some top tips from APX Fitness CrossFit coach Devon Jewsbury,  ForestFlow CrossFit owner Oakley Hardwick and TIO CrossFit owner Jamie Boston. 

How To Do CrossFit Open Workout 24.1

  • Single-arm dumbbell snatch x 21 
  • Lateral burpee over dumbbell x 21
  • Single-arm dumbbell snatch x21
  • Lateral burpee over dumbbell x21
  • Single-arm dumbbell snatch x 15
  • Lateral burpee over dumbbell x15
  • Single-arm dumbbell snatch x15
  • Lateral burpee over dumbbell x15
  • Single-arm dumbbell snatch x9
  • Lateral burpee over dumbbell x9
  • Single-arm dumbbell snatch x9
  • Lateral burpee over dumbbell x9

Buckle up, this one's going to take some explaining. There are only two exercises—dumbbell snatches and burpees—but the format is something we've never seen before in the CrossFit Open. 

It's a twist on CrossFit's popular 21-15-9 rep scheme. You'll perform 21 dumbbell snatches, all on one arm, then 21 lateral burpees over the dumbbell. After this, do 21 dumbbell snatches on the other arm followed by 21 more lateral burpees over the dumbbell. 

Repeat this for the rounds of 15 and nine to finish the workout. There's a 15-minute time cap.

To make it clear: in each set you will complete all reps of the dumbbell snatches on one arm, and change the arm you use after each set. You can start with either arm. 

The men's RX dumbbell weight is 50lb/22.5kg, and the women's RX dumbbell weight is 35lb/15kg.

How To Do CrossFit Open Workout 24.1 Scaled 

Doing CrossFit Open workout 24.1 scaled is incredibly similar to doing the RX version. It contains the same movements, follows the same rep scheme and has the same 15-minute time-cap.

The only difference is you use a lighter dumbbell; 35lb/15kg for men, 20lb/10 kg for women. 

If you want to compete in the foundations division, men will use a 25lb/12.5kg dumbbell and women will use a 15lb/7.5kg dumbbell for the snatches. You will also perform standard burpees rather than lateral burpees over dumbbell. 

How To Get A Good Score On CrossFit Open Workout 24.1  

Sure, you could just go “full send” on this workout, and all power to you. But if you want to shave a few extra seconds off your time and shoot up the CrossFit Open leaderboard, it can pay to pace yourself and approach the test with a strategy. 

That’s why it’s handy to have these top tips and tricks from APX Fitness coach Devon Jewsbury n your back pocket, as well as advice from ForestFlow CrossFit owner Oakley Hardwick and TIO CrossFit owner Jamie Boston, both speaking to Coach through R.A.D

APX Fitness coach Devon Jewsbury

  • “This one is all about holding on to that dumbbell. If you want a top time, you can’t afford to drop it and step away. You need to hold on and rip it.”
  • “Make sure you aren't flying out of the gate and rushing—you don't want any costly no-reps. Instead, make sure you’re fully locking out overhead at the top of each snatch, and hitting both heads of the dumbbell on the floor at the bottom of each rep.”
  • “Start your first set of snatches on your weaker arm. When you’re tired later in the workout, you don’t want to be using your weaker arm and failing reps. Your best bet is to start with it so you can finish each set on your stronger side.”
  • “For the burpees, stay smooth and maintain your pace throughout the sets of 21. As you get down to the sets of 15, it’s all about ripping and going dark, then the sets of nine are all about sending it. Do. Not. Slow. Down.”

ForestFlow CrossFit owner Oakley Hardwick, speaking to Coach through R.A.D

  • “Some people will be pulling the pin from the start here, but that won’t be a clever tactic for everyone. Identify your limits and realistic potential—this will help you recognize how to attack this workout.” 
  • “Take a little time to figure out if the burpees or dumbbell snatch will be your breather. On your stronger movement, you can choose whether to take that one a tad slower to breathe when you need to.”
  • Pick a round that you are going to choose to push on.”
  • Burpees and dumbbell snatches are both prime movements to fire up your lower back. Ensure you take the dumbbell to the floor without straight legs [to save your lower back as much as possible].”
  • “Play around with a step up into the burpee rather than a jump, if you need to, but ensure to switch legs when stepping up to prevent getting a lower back pump.”

Jamie Boston, TIO CrossFit owner and CrossFit level three coach with more than a decade of experience, speaking to Coach through R.A.D

  • “A controlled effort is required here, rather than thinking this is a quick workout. Doing 90 reps of each movement will add up. For most people, 10 minutes seems like a realistic time frame to aim for.
  • “Step up from your burpees. Stepping up takes a little bit of effort out of the movement, saving it for when you get really tired. It’s not much slower but feels a lot nicer.”
  • “Breathe on the dumbbell snatches. Taking a second at the top to relax is much better than being hunched over and not able to breathe at all.”
  • “Try to keep the same technique throughout—the one you normally use for both the movements. This is not the time to try anything new, save that for training and not competing.”
  • “Lastly, enjoy yourself. This is supposed to be fun and your score isn’t the be-all and end-all. Going in a group will be the way to get a fast time.”

How To Warm-Up For CrossFit Open Workout 24.1  

You might have heard the saying: “The shorter the workout, the longer the warm-up.” 

CrossFit Open workout 24.1 is a fast-paced race to the finish, so you’re going to want to make sure your body is primed and ready to go. Luckily, APX Fitness coach Devon Jewsbury has programmed a warm-up to stand you in good stead. 

General warm-up

Complete three rounds of:

  • Bike for 1min at 70%
  • Walk-out x5
  • Squat to stand x10
  • Resistance band strict press x15

Then complete two rounds of:  

  • Yoga push-up x7
  • Down-up x7

 Specific Warm Up

  • Light dumbbell snatch on your left arm x10 
  • Light dumbbell snatch on your right arm x10
  • Burpee x5

Rest for 30 seconds, then complete two rounds of: 

  • Dumbbell snatch on your left arm at working weight x10
  • Lateral burpee over dumbbell x5
  • Dumbbell snatch on your right arm at working weight x10
  • Lateral burpee over dumbbell x5
  • Rest 60 seconds

CrossFit Open Scores for Workout 24.1  

Though CrossFit Open workout 24.1 isn’t yet 24 hours old at the time of writing (5.10am PT), the online leaderboard is already filling up with scores. 

And, while many are awaiting validation from CrossFit, there are a few familiar faces near the top of the tree.

Jeffrey Adler’s time of 6min 13sec currently puts him in fourth and is so far the highest of any existing Games athlete. Bronislaw Olenkowicz is just behind him with 6min 22sec, Royce Dunne’s score of 6min 39sec sits in 11th, Brent Fikoswki is in 12th with 6min 43sec, and Lazar Dukic’s time of 6min 47sec is 19th. 

On the women’s side, eight-time CrossFit Games athlete Kristin Holte has the top time of any contender so far, finishing her final burpee at the 6min 2sec mark. 

Emma Lawson is in second with 6min 16sec, and Kara Saunders is third with 6min 21sec. 

And if, like myself, you’re not a professional CrossFit athlete but you do train regularly and are looking to submit your best possible score, experienced CrossFit coach and TIO CrossFit owner Jamie Boston recommends aiming to wrap things up in less than 10 minutes. 

How To Submit CrossFit Open Scores

With the CrossFit Open now under way, now is the time to put the finishing touches on your preparations. 

If you want to enter the 2024 CrossFit Open and submit your score to the worldwide leaderboard, you’ll need to create an account on the CrossFit Games website, pay the $20 entry fee and register for the competition. Once you’ve done this, there are three ways to submit your scores.  

  1. The easiest way to submit your score is to do the workout at a CrossFit box (gym) and have your result validated by the affiliate manager. 
  2. You can also record a video of yourself completing the workout and submit this alongside your score. To do this, upload the video to a common video-hosting site like YouTube or Vimeo, then you will be given the chance to add the link to your clip while uploading your score. It’s recommended that you use the WodProof app to record your workout, as this has timers and CrossFit Open workout templates built in. 
  3. Finally, you can also have your workout watched by a registered judge (someone who has taken the 2024 judges course, which costs $10). 
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