The Best 24.3 Predictions Based On Dave Castro’s Final CrossFit Open Clue Of 2024

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March 14, 2024: Find out how accurate these predictions were—CrossFit Open workout 24.3 has been revealed.

Dave Castro has kept up his annual tradition of providing weekly clues ahead of each of the 2024 CrossFit Open workout announcements. And, as tradition dictates, the clues have been head-scratchers. 

His 24.3 clue is a video of a dog tearing into a chicken leg, filmed from below. 

Within an hour of going up on Instagram, the video had more than 1,000 comments, with many simply poking fun at the seemingly random clip. But among these, there were a few people genuinely trying to decipher Dave’s latest post. 

A repeat of a two-part Open workout from 2021—21.3 and 21.4—is proving to be one of the more popular choices.

CrossFit Open workout 21.3 sees you tackle three rounds of 15 front squats, 30 reps of a gymnastic movement and 15 thrusters for time, with a mandatory minute of rest after the first two. 

Each round, the gymnastic movement increases in difficulty. In round one it’s toes-to-bar, in round two it’s chest-to-bar pull-ups and in round three it’s bar muscle-ups. There is a 15-minute time cap.

Immediately after the 15 minutes is up, you'll launch into 21.4. Here, you have seven minutes to hit a complex of one deadlift, one clean, one hang clean and one jerk using the heaviest weight possible. 

Other commenters have gone for a more linear approach to guessing—”Time to let the big dogs eat! Bring on the heavy barbell.”—while several suggested the inclusion of a chicken leg meant our lower bodies are in for a battering. 

Current third-fittest woman on earth Arielle Loewen also chipped in, writing: “Chicken wing = bar muscle-ups. Dog = You gotta have that dog in you to do good in this workout.”

The final workout of the 2024 CrossFit Open will be revealed this Thursday during a live announcement show. This will be streamed on the CrossFit Games website and YouTube channel, with the show starting at 11.30am PST (7.30pm GMT) and the workout being unveiled about 30 minutes in. 

Arielle Loewen will then go head-to-head with six-time CrossFit Games champ Tia-Clair Toomey-Orr as the pair become the first people to face the workout. 

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