The Lady Lowdown: What the Girls of London Think of Your Underwear

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Pants? Boxers? Kecks? Grundies? No matter what you call your underpants, we’ll bet that – like us – you’ve got a pair hanging around your top drawer that should’ve been thrown out a long time ago. Holding on to your hole-ridden old faithfuls would be absolutely fine if you were the only one who had to look at them. Unfortunatley, that’s not the case. That special lady in your life has to play witness to your undie abominations, too.

That’s why we felt it was time to get the inside intel on what girls really think of the state of male underwear. What are their favourite kind? What turns them off? Does she really hate your novelty Christmas Y-fronts? (We can answer that: yes, she does.) Here's what we learned when we took to the streets of London to ask the fairer sex what they think of our underpants...

1. Become a Boxer Man

Almost every girl we spoke to revealed that, of all your underwear options, boxers were their top choice, with “white” and “tight” being their colour and fit of choice. That’s not so say patterns and colours are out of the question, though.

2. Throw Out the Thong

What we definitely didn’t expect to hear was at least four of the girls revealing how they’ve met guys who’ve owned a man-thong. It goes without saying that these went down like lead balloons. What you might think of as quirky, she’ll inevitably see as totally freaky. And that’s a Norman Bates freaky, not Another Level freaky.

3. Learn to Let Go

Unsurprisingly, we learned that all women hate washed-out underwear with holes or stains. So even if your “lucky” pants have helped you ace date nights, job interviews and footy matches, it’s time to relegate them to the little underwear drawer in the sky if they’ve started to resemble edam cheese.

4. Buy into Brands

It appears that ladies have expensive taste when it comes to your undies – they love to see a great brand covering your delicates. In the same way women put effort into theirs, it’s only fair we put effort into ours. “We can’t be dealing with Primark,” one girl told us. Here’s five of our favourite underwear brands for men. Take your pick.

Calvin Klein


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Magnetic Cotton Trunks, £23

Lousy Livin’


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Flamingos, €12.90 (around £9.50) 



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Classic Boxer Short, £30

Björn Borg


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Space Dye, £25



(Image credit: Unknown)

Polka/Cyan Trunk, £18

Sam Razvi wrote for Men’s Fitness UK (which predated and then shared a website with Coach) between 2011 and 2016.