How to Look Like a Boss According to James Bond’s Stylist

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You know those moments where you feel like the world is your stage? Where you’re flawlessly pulling off the lead role in a play and everyone’s watching? They feel good, don’t they? Don’t let these golden moments be sporadic and fleeting – start deciding exactly when you’re the boss with the help of the woman responsible for maintaining the image of the world’s coolest man. 

Jany Temime is the award-winning costume designer and stylist who turned Daniel Craig into an icon of sophistication. And now she’s going to help prepare you for that big date, make you look sharper at work, help you perfect that tuxedo look, and show you how to keep it cool on the weekend.

Dating: “Bond radiates a confidence that can’t be ignored. Accomplish this with preparation and attention to detail”

  1. “On the set of Spectre, I selected versatile clothing. A man should look effortlessly pulled together so whether you’re running from the office for a personal engagement or letting brunch run into the night, use clothing that feeds the senses and accentuates your assets, whether that be the arms, waist or eye colour.”
  2. “There’s something truly sensual about the right fabrics. A man’s clothing should feel soft and luxurious beneath a person’s fingertips, so I always put Bond in a well-tailored cotton shirt or a cashmere sweater with no shirt underneath. A man should always give a hint of a his contours so wear minimal layers.”
  3. “Have your clothes dry cleaned or wear them around the house before any occasion. Clothing should never look stiff or right out of the box – a true gentleman never looks as if he put in too much effort.”
  4. “Whether you’re clean-shaven or have facial hair, you should always appear well taken care of and impeccably groomed. A well-groomed man shows the world that he takes pride in his appearance. And it goes without saying your nails will be clean and trimmed.”
  5. “Your cologne should entice, but not overpower.”


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Work: “Your look should reflect confidence, approachability and have an air of mystery”

  • “Your style should match the impression you want to make.”
  • “There’s no excuse for uncombed hair. A bit of hair gel will keep your locks in place while you conquer your day.”
  • “No matter what preference you have for facial hair, you should arm yourself with the right tools for a close, comfortable shave.”
  • “It’s true that a firm handshake says a lot about a person, but a well-tailored grey suit and crisp white shirt say just as much.”
  • “Shined shoes will complete your look and ensure you leave a lasting impression at the office.”
  • “Suits are the best thing to happen to men. A suit helps men look sexy without looking confined. If you notice, Bond never wears colour. This is intentional because I never want the clothes to be what’s remembered – rather, I want the man to be the focus. Suits should be neutral in colour and the fit should advertise the body beneath.” 
  • Jany believes clothes should never outshine the man and cautions against over-acessorising. “A great-looking modern watch is the perfect touch to complete any suit. And avoid the added bulk of a belt by choosing trousers that have side adjusters.”

Black-Tie Forma

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Black-Tie Formal: “The image of Bond in a tuxedo is one of the most sought-after looks. The reason? The flawless fit”

  1. “Facial hair can make or break your look. Whether you’re clean-shaven or have well defined facial hair, a lack of grooming can ruin your whole appearance, no matter how great the tux fits. It’s best to go with the look you have day-to-day, so that you appear confident and well put together. If you normally don’t have facial hair, a formal occasion may not be the best choice to start.”
  2. “Whether it’s navy, black or white, a hand-tailored tuxedo will give you confidence.”
  3. “I don’t burden Bond with accessories because they distract from the man, but there are a few trappings he won’t be found without. Every detail of Bond’s style is intentional. Cufflinks are an accessory I like to use – they should say something about the man you are or have a story behind them.”


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Casual: “The true mystery man is always ready for anything and everything”

  • “Your weekend style can reflect a relaxed attitude, yet still convey confidence.”
  • “Be less regimented with your off-the-clock grooming routine, but do not let yourself go. You may choose not to be clean-shaven, but keep those edges trimmed and neat to look and feel your best.”
  • “Whether he’s driving a speedboat, sipping a martini or chasing a villain, every Bond look appears to be perfect, but you can’t pinpoint why that is. Men should wear weekend clothes with as much confidence as they would a suit or tux. Whatever Bond is wearing, in whatever situation, he emits poise and self-assurance.”
  • “Wear luxurious fabrics, don’t over-accessorise, ensure a perfect fit, and avoid too much colour or anything too trendy."
  • “There is something appealing about loafers without socks because a man’s ankles are very sexy. Leather shoes, whether oxfords or loafers, add a touch of elegance and can easily go from day to night on the weekend. Shoes and clothing that can go from day to night are key in accomplishing the Bond look.” 

Once you've got the style locked down, try getting into actual Bond shape.

Jany Temime works closely with Gillette, proud sponsor of Spectre, which is out now in cinemas nationwide 

Sam Razvi wrote for Men’s Fitness UK (which predated and then shared a website with Coach) between 2011 and 2016.