The Most Fashionable Christmas Gifts A Man Can Get

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You have started to think about your Christmas shopping, haven’t you? Perhaps not, so let us crack into that long list of nearest and dearest by first taking care of the guys in your life. The stylish guys. The guys that look great no matter what. That always look like they’ve carefully considered their outfits the night before, rather than just picking up whatever happens to be hanging out of the laundry basket at the time. That counts cousin Nick out of the equation, then. Just kidding, Nick! You’re alright.

This page here is your starting line, your mouse-clicking finger the starting pistol. Scroll down to run head-first into a whole stack of superb options, as picked out by us, for the sartorially-savvy gents in your life. We’ve covered the full range of prices for you, from your £15-or-less Secret Santa (a fresh new washbag from Topman at £12), on to mid-rangers (a cracking bottle of Balblair single malt at £42, or perhaps a new pair of ace earphones from Urban Ears at £99) and then upwards to the big, main, splurging present stuff (an exceptionally tasty pair of wear-forever camo boots from Red Wing, for example). So what are you waiting for? Go on, get stuck in.

Marks and Spencer

Best Of British Step Texture Coat

£299, buy on

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Thom Sweeney Cashmere Beanie


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£85, buy on

Carand’Ache x Paul Smith Pen Box Set

Pen Box Set

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£35, buy on

Urban Outfitters X Columbia Performance Ski Jacket


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£160, buy on

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Urban Ears Earphones


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£99, buy on

Penfield Grey Sweatshirt


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£85, buy on

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John Lobb Bordeaux Dune Calf Travel Care Kit

Travel Care Kit

(Image credit: Unknown)

£740, buy on

Oppermann London Bolton Briefcase


(Image credit: Unknown)

£310.50, buy on

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Topman Speckled Washbag


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£12, available in store,

Adidas Red Sneakers


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£90, available in store,

Balblair Highland Single Malt Scotch Whisky

Scotch Whisky

(Image credit: Unknown)

£56, buy on

Red Wing Mossy Oak Camoflage Boots


(Image credit: Unknown)

£249, buy on

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Troubadour Leather Weekender Bag


(Image credit: Unknown)

£1,575, buy on

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