The Sweatshirt That Sweats The Small Stuff

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The sweatshirt has evolved from being a strictly sports garment, worn to keep the chill off as you cool down, to a staple of men’s casual wear. Yet in an age of fast fashion, it isn’t always easy to find a well made version – shape, weight and fabric all count, and it’s rare a design ticks all three boxes.

We think we’ve found one, though, in Asket’s sweatshirt – a labour of love that has stretched stretches over two years.

Last year, the brand known for its premium takes on classic garments released its first sweatshirt, which had been in development for a year. But after only a few weeks it decided to pull the plug because the sweatshirt simply didn’t live up to Asket’s – or its customers’ – expectations.

So the designers went back to the drawing board, armed with feedback from hundreds of customers, to fine-tune everything from the fit and fabric to the colours and detailing. Asket put a limited number of the new and improved sweatshirts on sale in April this year and it sold out in 30 minutes. After a few more tweaks, the sweatshirt is available to buy on the Asket website.

Sweat shirt

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The sweatshirt itself is a stripped-back affair with no fancy design frills. It’s got a tailored fit that still allows for movement – as demonstrated by Asket model and Swedish gymnast William Broman.

The sweatshirt’s made from a custom fabric spun from Egyptian cotton, and comes in three block-colour versions – grey mélange, navy and black.

€80 (around £70), buy on

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