Mr Porter Releases New Stylish Sportswear Collections

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Pictured from left to right: Iffley Road Lancaster Drirelease Piqué Tank Top, £55; Soar Running Slim-Fit Two-Tone Mesh Tank Top, £60

In the past sports clothing could be as garish as it liked as long as it performed well enough, but as sportswear has become acceptable casual clothing (with the naff name to match – hello, athleisure) it now needs to be as stylish as it is sweat-wicking to satisfy all comers.

This summer, that demand for both style and substance is met by a collaboration between online menswear retailer Mr Porter and some of the best names in sportswear.

The project sees Mr Porter working with independent brands Iffley RoadPas Normal StudiosCafé du Cycliste and Soar Running (look for the “exclusive” tag on the brands’s pages).

Named after the track where Roger Bannister broke the four-minute mile in 1954, Iffley Road was started in 2013 by keen runners Claire Kent and Bill Byrne and it has quickly established itself as the place to go for chic, high-quality running gear. The six-piece collection of running apparel for Mr Porter includes understated T-shirts and shorts with Iffley Road’s signature splashes of colour.

London brand Soar Running’s mission is to fit out every runner, from weekend warriors to the elite, in top-quality, comfortable garb that looks good from mile one to mile 100.

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(Image credit: Unknown)

Pictured left to right: Pas Normal Studios Mechanism Perforated Zip-Up Cycling Gilet, £100, and Mechanism Perforated Zip-Up Cycling Jersey, £140; Café du Cycliste Fleurette Polka-Dot Cycling Jersey, £110, and Marinette Mesh-Panelled Cycling Bib Shorts, £160

France has a special place in the heart of all cycling enthusiasts and Café du Cycliste does a fine job of bringing to mind long rides in the Cote d’Azur with its elegant collection of jerseys, bib shorts and accessories.

Danish cycling label Pas Normal Studios has a reputation for clean style that’s backed up by impeccable performance, with lightweight quick-drying fabrics that will keep you cool and comfortable no matter how long the ride. The five-piece collection includes jerseys and accessories all available in a khaki colour scheme exclusive to the Mr Porter collaboration.

Prices range from £12 to £185,

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