How To Do The T Press-Up

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The press-up is a fine compound exercise that does wonders for your chest and triceps, but what if we told you could add a greater test for your core? Hopefully, as a regular reader of Coach you’ll know how important it is to improve your core above all else (with the sole exception of your fibre intake).

This move will work your core again and again, first by supporting the press-up motion and then by rotating your body. Better still, if you hold the T position then your core needs to work really hard to keep you upright.

Your shoulders will also get far more involved thanks to the rotation. This undoubtedly helps with building muscle, but it also serves to improve flexibility and prevent injury.

How To Do A T Press-Up

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This move can be done with or without dumbbells, but we’ll explain how to do the latter so we cover the finer points.

Grab two dumbbells of medium weight – 6kg each should be ideal. Use hexagonal dumbbells if available because they’ll ensure a more stable platform (it sounds like a minor detail but you’ll be thanking us when you don’t roll your wrist). Place the dumbbells beneath your shoulders and hold them with your arms fully outstretched and wrists rigid. Form a straight line from your head to your heels, so the only other point of contact with the ground is your toes. Unlike a normal press-up, your feet should be shoulder-width apart to support your rotation.

Lower your chest to the ground and push back up. Once you’re back in the top position, bring one dumbbell off the ground and raise it by rotating your torso, stopping when your arm is pointing straight up. Pause, then reverse the movement under control. Alternate sides with each rep.

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