Best Fit Guys and Girls to Follow on Instagram

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The Rock (@therock)


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Who? He needs no introduction – unless he’s referred to as Dwayne Johnson. Actually, these days you’d struggle to find someone who doesn’t know his real name too.
Why? The biggest man in Hollywood can inspire you like no other. His daily gym pep talks from the “iron paradise” will get you pushing past plateaus like they never existed.

Alice Liveing (@clean_eating_alice)


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Who? Food blogger who transformed her body and ballooned her follower count.
Why? When she’s not posting delicious, mouth-wateringly shot recipes ,she’s reminding you how well they work with snaps of her rock-hard abs.

Kenneth Gallarzo (@progressive_calisthenics)


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Who? A world-class bodyweight coach capable of some incredible feats of strength, Gallarzo is co-founder of the World Calisthenics Organization.
Why? You don’t need a gym membership to get ripped – just your bodyweight, and Gallarzo shows you how with daily gravity-defying pull-up and static hold videos that you’ll be itching to try out yourself.

Alex Honnold (@alexhonnold)


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Who? British rock climber known for his free solo ascents of the largest walls in America. He’s the ultimate risk-taker.
Why? Honnold’s account is stuffed full of hair-raising shots of him in perilous situations so you don’t have to go there yourself. They might just inspire you make your next holiday an adventure rather than a binge-fest.

Camille Leblanc-Bazinet (@camillelbaz)


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Who? The fittest woman on Earth.
Why? The 2014 CrossFit Games champ is the a huge evanglist for women’s strength training and the poster girl for “strong is the new skinny”. Plus, her heavy lifting technique is flawless. Take note.

Damien Walters (@damienwalters)


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Who? World-renowned freerunner, stuntman, gymnast and daredevil.
Why? Without knowing you’ve probably gasped at his stuntman acrobatics in Kick-AssKingsman and Skyfall. Now you can watch his jaw-dropping heroics in super-slow motion on Instagram.

Andrew Tracey (@theandrew.tracey)


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Who? Outdoor training fanatic and serial T-shirt avoider.
Why? Feel too busy to train? Tracey, with his gritty, full throttle videos, will show you how with his “nomad way” of training. He’ll show you how to use stones, ropes and other “gifts from nature” for quickfire circuits on the go to get you in cover-model shape.

Jennifer Forrester and Kaisa Keranen (@TwoBadBodies)


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Who? Former University of Washington track and field team-mates, who now work together creating new routines and fitness exercises.
Why? Their account has tons of video workouts and healthy food ideas, mostly set to infectious, high-tempo dance tunes that will get you bouncing along to your next workout. These two define how training with a partner can kick you on to greatness.

Men’s Fitness (@mensfitnessuk)

men's fitness

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Who? The greatest monthly fitness magazine in the universe. 
Why? Follow our mag-making buddies as they get in the thick of the action for regular workout tips, fitness challenges, healthy recipes and a weekly “who to follow” spotlight of the biggest hitters on Instagram.

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