15-minute belly fat burning workout

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You don’t need to spend hours on a treadmill to burn belly fat. Training at a high intensity using weights and short rest periods is vastly more effective.

‘All you need is a weight plate and 15 minutes,’ says Steve Kowalenko, a coach at W10 Performance, who created this minimalist complex. Just pick up a weight plate and perform all six moves back to back without setting it down. Add it to the end of one of your current sessions as a finisher. ‘You’ll be using most of your body’s muscle mass, so you’ll keep torching fat long after you’ve finished,’ says Kowalenko. Now that’s service.

1// Truck driver

Reps 20

Hold a weight plate at chest height with both arms outstretched. Rotate the plate as far as you can to the left as if turning a steering wheel, then to the right to complete one rep.

2// Clean and press

Reps 10-12

Bend your legs and lower the weight plate to shin height. Then, keeping your chest up and your back straight, drive up, bringing the plate up and pressing it overhead.

3 Overhead lunge

Reps 10-12

With the plate overhead, take a big step forward. Lower until your back knee is just off the floor, keeping your knee in line with your foot, then drive back up. Repeat with the other leg to complete one rep. Alternate sides.

4 Around the world

Reps 10-12

From standing, hold the plate at head height. Keeping your core tight and head still, circle it around your head in one direction, then go back in the other direction to return to the start and complete one rep.

5 Jump squat

Reps 8-10

Holding the plate to your chest, lower into a squat, then drive up powerfully through your heels so that you leave the ground. Bend your legs to soften your landing and continue straight into the next rep.

6 Lunge with rotation

Reps 8-10

Hold the plate in front of your chest with your arms bent. Take a big step forwards with one leg. As you lower your back knee, rotate your torso to the same side as your leading leg. Reverse the move to the start and repeat on the other leg to complete one rep. Keep alternating sides.

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