How To Do The Glute-Bridge Floor Press

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Chances are you do most of your shoulder training using a bench or rack, but if you want to maximise growth and minimise injury, lie down and get stuck in to the glute bridge floor press. 

This little-known move created by strength coach Ben Bruno should be performed super slow to maintain balance, which optimises muscle growth and reduces the range of motion, keeping your rotator cuffs protected. The bonus? By holding a bridge throughout, you’ll switch on your glutes, which will probably have gone to sleep if you spend your days as a desk-jockey. Lying down on the job? For once we approve. 

How to do it 

Sets 4 Reps 6 each side Rest 30sec 

Lie on your back with one foot on the floor, pushing your hips up into the air – the ‘bridge’ position. Hold the dumbbell on the same side as your raised foot and press it straight up, then lower it under control. Complete all your reps on one side, switch feet and repeat the reps with the dumbbell in your other hand. 


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