Body transformation training blog: part 1

I recently had a horrible realisation – I’m getting fat. After years of having a lean physique and, at the very least, a four-pack, my midsection has begun to take a turn for the worse. A combination of age – the big 3-0 is fast approaching – a blossoming cheesecake habit and substituting strength training and martial arts for steady-state triathlon training has left me with blossoming love handles and an unseemly gut.
The time has come for drastic action, so I make an appointment at Embody Fitness to present director Rich Phillipps with a challenge to get me back in good shape in just eight weeks. Luckily for me, this kind of dramatic body composition revamp is exactly what the trainers at Embody specialise in.
First of all, Rich measures my body fat, which weighs in at around 18.5% of my total body weight. Despite my misgivings, he says this isn't too shabby and seems confident he can expose my abs and put some muscle on my arms, chest, back and shoulders in eight weeks without too much trouble.

The picture below was taken just before I met up with Rich.


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The first two weeks of the plan will involve three gym sessions a week, all consisting of the same full-body workout, to build a layer of conditioning and work on my lifting technique with key moves such as the chest press and deadlift. I’ll supplement these workouts with two interval sprint sessions a week, and a diet based around meat, fish, green vegetables and nuts. It’s going to be tough, especially the Paleo-style, no-carbs diet, but I’m looking forward to getting started and working my way back into shape.
Watch the video above to see how I get on at my first workout. For more information, visit

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