Christian Williams: The Transformation Is Over (Or Is It?)

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I MADE IT! Somehow.

I can’t believe my six weeks are over already. It’s flown by, if I’m honest.

Let’s get the big question out of the way: how do I feel? Bloody great! I’m so shocked as to how much energy I now have. Not only that, but I’m sleeping better, eating and drinking better, and could go as far to say I’m a new me. I have definitely lost fat (mainly from my face and legs, I think) and got more muscular, which was the goal I set myself in my first blog post. My arms and shoulders feel so much more solid, and my stomach is definitely flatter. And I now seem to have muscles on my back – never seen that before!

Another surprise came when, while getting changed the other day, I spotted that my leg muscles are now really starting to pop out. There’s no bulging six-pack to report, but I know that’s going to take more work. It’s in there, but there’s still a bit of fat to burn off before it shows. I’m definitely pleased with the physical changes, but I want to keep going. One thing I have learned it’s impossible to burn fat just in one place – you have to lose it all over.


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But I have to say the best change is how I’m feeling full of beans. I’ve never been one for waking up early – I’m very much the type of person that finds themselves watching stupid Facebook videos at 3am, then rolling around in bed moaning after my alarm clock goes off until 9am. Things have changed! Don’t get me wrong, I still roll around moaning, but now only until 7am. I get so much more done now!.

After my afternoon workout, I get this serious injection of energy. That usually lasts until around 10pm, and then I start to crash. I’ve also started to sleep much better – the quality has really increased and I feel more refreshed when I wake up.

Food and diet was another big one for me. With my job and social life it’s almost impossible to make sure every single meal has good-quality meat and veg in the right proportions, but I have found a real appetite for good food and scanning the menu for something healthy. A burger and chips was my go-to every time, but I now find myself ordering meals that I never thought I’d try, and really enjoying them.

My cooking at home as been totally transformed, and it’s really where I felt I nailed the diet. There’s been a lot of chicken and loads of green stuff, and the key has been finding creative ways to prepare it so I don’t get bored. It’s been good fun. I have started juicing too, which brings out the creative side in me again. Google’s pretty helpful with this.

What have I enjoyed the most, though? Honestly, everything. Well, almost everything. That Versaclimber, ugh… but while it was by far the least enjoyable part of this journey, it provided the best fat-burning results. Everything else was brilliant, though. Learning the workouts has been amazing, and combined with new foods and getting results I can see, it’s been fantastic. In fact, I am going to keep every single part of it up. Even the Versaclimber.

I can’t end this without saying thanks to a bunch of great people. First to Coach – what a great group of people they have there. Then the man, the legend, Mr Ruben Tabares. Yes, I have wanted to punch him at times (trust me, I’ve tried, but he’s too fast) but all this is really down to him. He genuinely knows his stuff, and I’m so happy he’s agreed to help me continue my journey to find that six-pack!

Also, thanks to Ruben’s team at the gym who greet me every day and got involved to help me. Alex from Organic Delivery Co – the food his company delivers is top-class. Everyone at the Mandarin Oriental Hyde Park, especially Sarah Cairns for popping down regularly to check up on me! I could easily go on and start thanking my PR team at MUNCH, who send me pictures like this when I send them a progress shot:

Surprised face

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And of course to my family… but this is going to end up being longer than an Oscar acceptance speech. But lastly, thanks to you for reading. I really do hope that after all this blabbering on I have given people hope that if I can do it, anyone can.

If you have any questions or even tips for me to continue on this path please do let me know. And be sure to check out my after photos when they run next week!

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