Five Things That Might Be Sabotaging Your Fitness Goals

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The Problem: Boring Routines

“It’s hard enough to get yourself through the gym doors at the best of times, let alone spending 30-40 minutes on one cardio machine at a time,” says Finch. “Don’t get caught up in the same gym routines week in, week out. Your body adapts quickly to a workout so remember to keep shocking it by mixing up your gym routines and regularly changing your classes.”

The Fix: Get Help

“You cannot beat getting a full assessment with nutritional support and programmes written by a personal trainer. They will keep your programmes creative and fun. Also, you can always ask an instructor in your gym for ideas and little workouts. After all, you’re paying for a service.”

The Problem: Weekend Binges

“You work so hard all week and hold back on your temptations, but then Friday comes and you feel like you’ve got a free pass to eat and drink what you like because you deserve it,” says Finch. “Of course you’re entitled to a treat but the problem comes when a treat turns into a binge. And when that happens, Monday soon comes round and you have no motivation, you’re tired and you don’t have any energy.”

The Fix: Eat And Move On

“You need a balanced diet to see the results you want but you can treat yourself to the odd ‘naughty’ meal – as long as you put it behind you straight away,” says Finch. “All too often people fixate on something they feel that they shouldn’t eat – and that means they eat even more of it.”

The Problem: Time Pressure

“I’ve lost count of the number of times I’ve heard people say they haven’t got time to train and find excuses for not getting the hard work done,” says Finch. “It’s so crucial to manage your time wisely by giving yourself that all-important ‘me time’. Remember one hour is only 4% of your day.”

The Fix: Make A Plan

“Make training and food prepping a regular part of your day. Write your gym sessions in your diary and treat every one as if it were an important business meeting or social occasion. You can also do the same for food prep.”

The Problem: Slow Progress

“I know how demotivating it is when you put your heart and soul into training and improving your nutrition but don’t see the results you want,” says Finch. “You start asking yourself if it’s really worth all the hard work. But remember, all of our body shapes and genetics are different, and sometimes it takes time to see those results.”

The Fix: Track Your Progress

“Track every aspect of your training life and body composition, including what you have done in the gym and what you have eaten as well as your body fat levels and lean muscle mass. Sometimes you will be surprised how well you are actually doing and how much progress you’re making.”

The Problem: Going It Alone

“Having a great support network around you is so important,” says Finch. “You need to let close friends and family know why you’re training so that they can support you rather than endlessly tempt you by shoving the biscuit tin under your nose or inviting you to the pub.”

The Fix: Make Fitness Friends

“You cannot beat the positive vibes that you get from fitness classes and mixing with people who have similar goals and encourage each other to work harder. You could also try get your partner or a friend involved in your journey and use the competition to spur you on.”