You Only Need Two Dumbbells And Six Moves To Start Building Stronger Arms

Woman performs biceps curl with dumbbells at home
(Image credit: Getty Images / Thomas Barwick)

Everyone knows that biceps curls train their arms, so people who are just starting out in the weights room often add that move into their gym workout routine and move on. But there’s so much more you can do to build bigger arms, including adding triceps exercises and supersetting them with biceps exercises

That’s what fitness trainer Kirra O’Brien has done with this routine she posted on TikTok and YouTube. O’Brien offers beginner strength training programs using only dumbbells through Strong Sisters United and this workout is part of her latest Body Recomposition series.

The TikTok video gives an overview of the workout in a gym using a weights bench.


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The follow-along YouTube version shows how to do the workout at home if all you have is a pair of dumbbells.

If you prefer to exercise at home but are lacking dumbbells, use our round-up of the best dumbbells to find a pair that suits your preferred way of training and budget. We’d recommend a set of adjustable dumbbells for this style of bodybuilding workout.

Once you own dumbbells you will never want for an arms workout again: We have options including this dumbbell arms workout which ratchets up the difficulty using tri-sets and these curls workouts. Our dumbbell workout plan also has a dedicated arms workout that supersets biceps and triceps moves.

Lois Mackenzie
Fitness writer

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