It Took Just Four Minutes And One Stretch To Strengthen And Mobilize My Hip Flexors

Author performs a hip stretch
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If there’s one area of the body it’s worth dedicating an extra bit of TLC to, it’s the hips. They bear the brunt of long hours sitting at a desk, at the wheel of a car or in front of the TV.

That’s certainly the case for me. I often notice that my hips are tight when walking or running, or while doing squats and lunges, plus, I think some of my lower-back pain is caused by tight hips. So I’m trying to incorporate mobility exercises for my hips into my daily routine.

I decided to try a quick and simple routine created by mobility coach Anthony Green. It only takes four minutes, so it was easy to fit into a break from my working day, and it’s only one stretch, done both dynamically and passively on each side of the body.

Dynamic stretches are great for activating the muscles and improving joint movement as well as muscle flexibility. Passive stretching is useful for improving flexibility and range of motion. Doing a combination of the two types of movement, as in this routine, is really beneficial.

Watch Green's Instagram Reel where he demonstrates the movement.

I've tried plenty of hip stretches before, but this one was new to me. As I moved into it I immediately felt a deep stretch in both of my hips.

As advised by Green, I moved in and out of the stretch for one minute and then held it for one minute before repeating on the other side. It certainly challenged my flexibility and my hip flexor strength too, and this is probably more of an advanced movement for people who already have fairly flexible hips. Try some of these other hip stretches if this one is too difficult. As with any stretch or exercise, it’s best to stop if you feel pain and seek in-person advice from a medical professional.

My hips felt looser and more relaxed after this four-minute routine and it felt like this stretch both strengthened and mobilized them, so I'll definitely be adding it to my routine.

Alice Porter

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