I Tried A Bodyweight Routine To Improve My Mobility And If You Lift Weights As Much As I Do, You Should Too

Three people perform a mobility movement in the gym
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My training tends to focus on two things: improving my strength and increasing my cardio fitness. Whether I’m doing a CrossFit workout or I’m on the rower, I’m mainly interested in how much I can lift and how quickly and efficiently I can move.

I sometimes forget there are other things I should be doing other than just strength exercises and sweaty workouts. In fact, to improve my performance at the gym I know that working on skills such as coordination and mobility can make a big difference.

To work on these skills, I decided to try a bodyweight routine that sports scientist Rodrigo B. Perez posted on Instagram. In the caption, Perez says that adding these exercises into your day can help to improve strength, agility, coordination and mobility. Just what I’m after. 

Watch Perez’s Instagram Reel to see him demonstrate each of the exercises.

The first thing I realized is that the moves are trickier than they look. Not only did they test my core strength, but they also required my full attention to complete them correctly.

This was a nice change, as I can often go through a workout without thinking too much. Having to focus on the exercises encouraged me to take note of my form, which also added a mindful element as there was no time for my thoughts to wander.

Figuring out how to coordinate each move was the most challenging part. It meant that I had to keep looking back at the screen to make sure I was moving correctly. My range of motion is good so I didn’t find the exercises too hard from a mobility perspective. I also experienced good stretches in my hips, shoulders and hamstrings, which was a bonus.

Author performing mobility routine

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I feel confident that improving my coordination skills using drills like these will benefit my training and help me to move faster and more efficiently during CrossFit workouts. The table twist and crawl hip slides would make a great addition to my warm-ups. They'd also be useful for people who play sports that require good coordination.

While mobility routines won’t replace my full-body workouts, sessions like these are fantastic accessory routines to provide both a physical and mental challenge. Coach has plenty of other sequences to try, such as CrossFit star Emma Lawson’s mobility routine and this six-move strength and mobility workout.

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