Invite Your Gym Buddy To Tackle This 45-Minute Partner Workout

Two men performing push-ups outdoors
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A problem shared is a problem halved, especially when that problem is a 45-minute HYROX-inspired workout. 

HYROX is a fitness challenge which alternates between running and functional fitness movements, and this session from personal trainer Richard Harris follows a similar format. 

Harris sets you and a friend the task of completing the following in 15 minutes: a 600-meter run, a combined 60 hand-release push-ups, a second 600-meter run, 60 partner wall balls, and to cap it all off (you guessed it) a final 600-meter run. Rest for the remainder of the 15 minutes, and repeat for a total of three rounds. 

You both have to run the full 600 meters, but you can split the wall balls and push-ups.

Watch Harris’s video below to familiarize yourself with the exercises involved, then send it to a friend to see if they’re up to the challenge.

Harris describes this session as an E15MOM. This may look like gibberish at first glance, but it’s a variation of an EMOM workout (every minute on the minute), tasking you with completing a set amount of work every minute within a set period. 

By upping the time limit to 15 minutes and increasing the volume of the workout, Harris makes this a great way to train for a HYROX event

Aim to keep a consistent pace for each round, rather than rushing through the first 15 minutes and struggling to finish the remaining rounds, although you still want to finish each round with enough time to recover. 

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Alice Porter

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