Free Peloton App Membership Available From Today—Here’s How To Get It And What To Expect

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Many people who might be interested in Peloton are put off by the price. But the connected fitness company has now announced Peloton App Free, which allows you to sample classes, track your workouts and enjoy all-new gym plans without sharing your card details. 

It’s one of three new additions to the Peloton app’s tiered membership options. The new membership options are:

  1. Peloton App Free: This gives access to more than 50 classes across 12 of Peloton’s styles of training (called modalities), including some from its new gym-based workout series. Peloton also says this membership includes featured classes that will be continually refreshed.
  2. Peloton App One: This option replaces the existing Peloton App membership and features thousands of classes across nine of Peloton’s 16 modalities, including strength sessions, meditation and walking, with new classes promised every day. Peloton is offering a 30-day free trial and when this runs out, it will cost you $12.99/£12.99 a month. Coach reviewer Sarah Lienard felt that this offered great value after testing it for a Peloton App review and included it in our list of the best workout apps.
  3. Peloton App+: Here, you will have free rein of all content except for Lanebreak (game-based) and Scenic (virtual rides and runs) classes. You will also be able to use any of Peloton’s exercise machines—the rowing machine, bikes and treadmill—with your workouts. There is a 30-day free trial available, and after this it will cost $24/£24 a month.

As well as these new memberships, there are the Peloton Guide Membership ($24/£24 a month) and the Peloton All-Access Membership ($39/£39 a month). Along with the Lanebreak and Scenic offerings, the All-Access membership lets subscribers create up to 20 profiles to cater for a whole household.

Peloton Free App includes a sampling of Peloton’s new workouts designed for the gym—somewhat predictably dubbed “Peloton Gym”. These sessions are designed to cater for Peloton users’ growing interest in strength training, with Peloton revealing that half of streams are now not cycling-related.

Four screenshots of the new gym plans on the Peloton app

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The workouts require you to have easy access to a range of free weights and weights machines, and rather than Peloton’s usual follow-along format, Peloton Gym’s sessions lay the prescribed exercises out as a list, including descriptions and short video demonstrations for each of the moves. There is a timer on your screen and, as you work your way through the routine, you can mark a move as completed with a swipe.

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