My Favorite Budget CrossFit Shoe Costs As Little As $40 On Amazon Right Now

Puma Fuse 2.0
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Reebok, Nike and NoBull have dominated the CrossFit shoe space for years, with Tyr and R.A.D entering the scene in 2023. But a pair of shoes from any of those brands will set you back upwards of $130. 

Not so with the Puma Fuse 2.0—a solid all-rounder that can be bought for as little as $38.85 on Amazon. You can read why I awarded it the title of best budget option in our roundup of the best CrossFit shoes

Puma Fuse 2.0: was $90, now from $38.85 at Amazon

Puma Fuse 2.0: was $90, now from $38.85 at Amazon

Save $51.15 Most CrossFit shoes will set you back at least $100, which is a hefty investment at the best of times. The Puma Fuse 2.0 arrived with an MSRP of just $100, and you can often find it for less. I rate it as a very good CrossFit shoe, with a wide toe box for balance and a layer of midsole cushioning for energetic WODs. I also found it’s one of the most comfortable options on the market. 

Need proof of its CrossFit credentials? It’s worn by elite athletes including Chandler Smith and Emma Mcquaid. I can vouch for it too, and awarded it four out of five stars in my Puma Fuse 2.0 review.

It offers comfort straight out of the box, with a soft, flexible upper, as well as a surprisingly cushioned midsole for a CrossFit shoe. It provided a soft yet springy landing, helping me race through WODs loaded with explosive exercises like burpees and box jumps

The plush midsole does mean the shoe can’t match the stability of the Nike Metcon 9 or TYR CXT-1, because there’s a bit of compression in the heel when lifting heavy, but the flared support around the heel and wide toe box did help my balance during lighter barbell cycling and Olympic weightlifting exercises.

If you’re after a good CrossFit shoe at a great price, I recommend the Puma Fuse 2.0.

Harry Bullmore
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